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Source machine:

This machine must have a static IPv4 address. This example will use

This machine must have a Windows installation in a shared folder somewhere. This example will use .\win7

This example will log in to the source machine with user TEST and password test.

Use tftpboot to fire up a DCHP server (gives an IP to a computer when requested).
 This will also start a TFTP server for all of the file transfers.

There should be a folder called boot\ in the tftpboot directory which contains an installation of Windows PE.

Start tftp64.exe (or tftp32.exe), open the settings, use default settings, and change:
IP pool starting addresss: Whatever, the pool of IPs to draw from
Size of pool: Must be > 2
Boot File: boot\ (will dump into Windows PE environment)
Mask: works fine.
Uncheck "Ping address before assignation"
Check "Bind DHCP to this address"

Restart the program to ensure changes are in effect.

Receiver machine:

Run a network boot from the receiver machine. (The DHCP server will assign an IP).

The boot file will be transferred and run. Press F12 to tell WindowsPE to do something.

Wait a while (30-60 seconds). A command prompt will appear and load. Wait until a cursor is available.

A drive must be assigned to the root folder on the Source machine. To do this:
  X:\Windows\system32>net use z: \\\wia_wds_share

A username of a user on the source machine, and password, must be entered.
Enter the user name for '':\administrator
Enter the password for administrator
The command completed successfully.

Navigate over to the new directory (z:\) and fire away. Commands will have a long delay but should work eventually.

Working PXE Server

If using a secondary machine for DHCP, ensure PXE-Chaining is enabled eg this one here

Download Serva32 from here
Follow information here for more details
Use following as a rough guide only

Install path eg


clipboard01.jpg clipboard02.jpg

  • Save and restart application to take effect
  • Create following Folders
  • Create respective read only shares in Advanced Sharing

clipboard05.jpg clipboard06.jpg

  • Empty contents of Install DVD's to descriptive folders eg:


  • Edit E:\Serva_Non-Supporter_32_v2.0.0\pxeserva.cfg\default
   menu label 	^1) Windows 7, x86
   menu default
   kernel		pxechain.cbt
   append		::WIA_WDS\Win7x86\_SERVA_\pxeboot.n12

   menu label 	^2) Windows DEVELOPERPREVIEW, AMD64
   kernel		pxechain.cbt
   append		::WIA_WDS\Win8AMD64\_SERVA_\pxeboot.n12
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